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(This could be you.)


I get this burst of energy every time I drink I buy one every opportunity I get !


What did you like most: That’s it’s nice and freshing

Mylon C.

I really enjoyed master soda. The blackberry flavor is soo good! It's perfectly balanced and there's really blackberry in the soda! Definitely worth trying!


What did you like most: The blackberry soda was bomb!


Definitely one of the best drinks I’ve had. Very refreshing and it didn’t make me feel like I was drinking 90 pounds of sugar.


What did you like most: The flavor was amazing


Love these drinks! My absolute fav is Lemon Lime. Great combination of flavors and gives you the pop vibe without the extra additives.


Favorite Flavor: Lemon Lime


No lie as soon as I got my Lemon Lime Lush I got sad how fast I finished it 😭. Ballin BlackBerry has my heart though. Great taste and an amazing presentation when purchased. Keep up the good work Master Cherry 🍒.


What did you like most: Them flavors shawty


Master Sodas had me hooked from the first advertisements! The creativity of the brand and the unique flavors made the experience feel personal, not like a mass produced generic soda company. I would recommend 10/10!


What did you like most: I liked the creative packaging, natural flavors and the overall taste!


Love the smooth fruity flavors. Not a juice taste but a genuine clean and fresh silky taste. It feels rich on the tongue.


Favorite Flavor:

Ballin BlackBerry And Cherry Vanilla


I don’t usually drink soda… but the Master sodas?? I’d drink with a quickness. I kept my first Master soda glass bottle as a souvenir and I loved it so much 😭 I’m so proud of you, Cherry! I love you and your sodas!!


Favorite Flavor: Cosmic Cherry Vanilla

Roland C.

Bro I took the 1st sip to be funny. Since cherry was doing a video. It was good I took it straight to the head. I wasn’t expecting the cherry vanilla to hit like it did.


What did you like most: The taste it was really good but it wasn’t harsh like a coke or sprite.

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