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Terror In Tinseltown (Short Film)

BTS Videography

Director and Writer: Gideon P. SaRa

Iz U Down(Short Film)

BTS Videography

Director and Writer: Gideon P. SaRa

"After a mysterious accident that took his life, Slimm Pusha was resurrected from death's grip only to find himself back in the throes of living, and in the midst of a ride for vengeance with his brothers. What will he do when he is confronted by an Angel of YHWH who offers to take him into his proper place of power?"

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Cinematographer (Coming Soon)

When facing a traumatic loss, vulnerability is the expected reaction. The Mourning After is a short film about Alexis Myer, a dispassionate woman, who challenges the norm as she tires to find her sense of self in this emotional turmoil.

**See teaser below**

I Am Legend (Rendition)

Cinematographer/Director/Partial voice narration/Editor

A short scene rendition from the infamous movie, I Am Legend starring actor Will Smith. **Notice: A few clips from Youtube used at the beginning**


Cinematographer/Lighting Tech/Editor

(Coming Soon)

Identity Room


(Coming Soon)

"The world can be an amazing place if you're all alone...."

"I would rather die of passion than of boredom" - Vincent Van Gogh
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